Commercial Pilot LicenCe

A Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) permits the licence holder to fly as the pilot-in-command of an aircraft and get paid for doing it. This qualification enables you to join airlines, study for an instructor rating to become a flight instructor, become an agricultural pilot and offer paid charters. The requirements to obtain the licence are determined by the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO), but the actual implementation varies widely from country to country. A CPL attained in New Zealand will be recognised in most other countries such as India, China and Indonesia.

At New Zealand Aviation, our personalised approach towards your CPL is what makes the difference. We know that everybody learns the required skills in their own way, breezing through certain aspects but requiring additional coaching in others. Our experienced instructors help you meet the requirements, and are just as passionate about guiding you to become a career pilot.  

New Zealand Aviation offers two levels of Commercial Pilot Licence training:

  • A "basic" Commercial Pilot Licence.
  • Commercial Pilot Licence with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings (CPL-MEIR).


The minimum age for a Commercial Pilots Licence holder is 18 years. A dedicated learner can complete this course in 6 months.

To gain a Commercial Pilot Licence you will need to complete all of the following:

  • 200 hours of total flying, including
    • 100 hours as Pilot in Command
    • 30 hours Cross-Country Flying
    • 10 hours Instrument Flying
    • 10 hours Night Flying
    • 5 hours Mountain Flying
  • Ground Subjects including
    • Meteorology
    • Air Navigation
    • Principles of Flight
    • General Aircraft Technical Knowledge
    • Human Factors
    • Air Law
  • Class 1 Aviation Medical
  • English proficiency exam
  • Civil Aviation Fit and Proper Person assessment

The Flight Assessment and Ground Subject Exams are conducted by an external organisation, Aviation Services Ltd.


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