Course fees

One of the biggest barriers to new pilot students lies in the cost of training. Whilst aircraft are expensive to operate, our policy is to provide the most cost effective training without sacrificing on our demanding safety standards.

Please enquire here for our current course fees,

It is a visa requirement that course fees are paid in full in advance for the visa to be issued as a student visa will only be issued by Immigration New Zealand for the equivalent duration payment.

The course fees include:

  • Theory Instruction

  • Flight Training

  • Initial Examination Fees

  • Initial Flight Tests

  • Pilot Logbook

  • Landing Fees

  • Course Materials

NB: Course Fees include one attempt at each exam and flight test. In the unlikely event of a test or exam repeat additional fees will be incurred. Any additional hours flown exceeding the course allocation will be charged at the rates applicable at that time.

Many of our International Students are on grants or subsidies provided by their local government or community organisations. As no financial assistance is provided to International Students in New Zealand, it’s always a good idea to check what similar sponsorship opportunities are available in your own country.