Ratings & Endorsements

A type rating is an additional certification that lets a pilot fly a particular aircraft type.

At New Zealand Aviation we offer a range of type ratings as either stand-alone modules or as variations to our basic Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence courses.

Ratings and Endorsements available at New Zealand Aviation:

  • Multi-engine Instrument rating 
  • Multi-engine rating
  • Instructor ratings 
  • Aircraft specific type ratings
  • Aerobatic rating
  • Biennial Flight Reviews (BFR) 

A multi-engine instrument rating is essential for anyone intent on a full-fledged flying career. Post-rating experience is a valuable asset to most airlines seeking employees. We strongly recommend that all students gain this endorsement.

Multi-engine aeroplanes give the pilot an added level of safety when flying, especially over water or rugged terrain.

Understanding multi-engine performance and aerodynamics is crucial to the making of a safe and competent pilot. 




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